This section has the latest industry reports by FACE and others. We also collate relevant regulatory and policy information for the fintech lending ecosystem.

Evidence and knowledge are core to shaping our ideas and work. We keep a close eye on developments in the digital lending industry. This helps inform the industry about emerging facets and contributes to decision-making. FACE reports capture demand and supply trends and developments in the wider ecosystem. We bring out industry reports leveraging our network of members, partners, and like-minded players. Additionally, we actively contribute to research and knowledge by other agencies.Under our Selfregulation work, we develop market standards to harmonise practices across lenders.

FACE Monthly Insights



Checklist on Customer Grievance Redressal (CGR)

Our members continue to scale and innovate in digital lending, reaching a larger customer segment.
This comes with a responsibility to resolve customer's complaints promptly to their satisfaction.

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FACE short guide to members to defence against unauthorised use of company details

There is persistent proliferation of fraudulent and illegal lending, often misusing the details of
the regulated entities (REs)

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Code Of Conduct For Digital Lending

This version brings substantive updates to the previous version of Code released in Dec 2020 and replaces it.

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Suggestions for the baseline technology standards for DLAs

Digital Lending Apps (DLAs) are critical technical infrastructure in digital lending, allowing an interface between customers and lenders at various stages of the loan cycle....

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Advisory: Access to the customer’s contact list on the mobile phone

The fintech industry has seen several instances of customers’ contacts from the phone.

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Advisory: Credit bureau process

Accurate and timely submission of customer data to Credit Information Companies (CICs) is critical to credit information infrastructure.

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Relevant regulatory Policy References

Digital Lending

Fair Practice & Outsourcing

Information Technology

Credit Bureau




Noteworthy Public Reports

India Finance Report 2023, Connecting the last mile, Nov 2023, CAFRAL


Credit Market Indicator, A comprehensive measure of retail lending health trends, Oct 2023, TUCIBIL


State of the Fintech Union 2023 Building sustainable long-term businesses in Financial services, Sep 2023, BCG Consulting